Web Design


If you are ready to take the next step and create the perfect online space for your business you are in the right place.
Stem Shell is based on helping businesses develop and grow online
whether that be starting a new journey online or making your current website grow and flourish.

Website Design


Every business needs a space online that they own and that is where a website comes in. Unlike Social Media accounts a website is your own space on the web that you control.

Together we can help take your business to the next level with a custom wordpress website.

What you can expect

Working together we can create a custom website to showcase what your business/brand has to offer and bring your vision to life.

We will discuss all of your ideas, wants and needs and make sure this website ticks all the right boxes.

The website will be fully responsive so it will work across all devices. It will have all of your own branding, images, content and all of the functionality that you will need for your business. 


What´s included in this package

  • Domain & Hosting Set Up

  • 4-6 page completely custom website design (More pages can be added)
  • Mobile responsiveness to work on phone and tablet
  • On Brand Design

  • Functional elements such as:

  • Shop

  • Members Area

  • Social Media Integration

  • Booking Calendar

  • Contact Form

  • Courses
  • Pre-launch meeting to walk through the website and make last-minute changes
  • Video walkthrough on how to edit and use the website when the project is complete

Website Maintenance

Already have a website? Don’t want to worry about technical stuff thats where I come in.  I will make sure your website is running smoothly, it is secure and it is up to date. I can also give you tips on how your site can be improved.

What you can expect

Maintaining your website is so important and if you hire me to maintain your site I will work hard behind the scenes to keep your website up and running. 

What´s included in this package

  • I will make sure your website security it set up and up to date

  • Check that your website is up to date

  • Check plugins are up to date
  • Any minor tweaks that may be needed

  • Check that your website is responsive

  • Offer my advice on any improvements

Website Development

The design of your website can make or break the success rate in converting visitors into customers. If users can’t navigate your site they will leave and go elsewhere for their product/service. Thats why when I create a custom website for you I ensure you have an easy-to-understand interface with all content clearly displayed.

Personalised Proposal

After discussing your requirements I will create a custom proposal that will include everything that will be done on your site, timings and pricing. We will be in contact regurlarly so you are kept up to date on progress.

Domain + Hosting

If you do not have a domain name or hosting set up before starting I can do this for you. I will set up your chosen domain name and connect it to a hosting platform. I can also set up a business email address to keep everything consistent.

SSL Secure

I will make sure your site is secure. Having an SSL ensures that the sensitive data of your website’s visitors will be transferred over a secure network. This will help gain visitors’ trust as they will see the padlock icon on your site.


With so many screen sizes available it is so important that your site works seamlessly across all of these devices. I make sure your site looks great on desktop, mobile and tablet so no matter where someones is browsing from it looks great.


One of the reasons you will want a website is for it to help with your business. Adding functionality such as booking calendars, memership areas or an online shop means that you can free up time to focus on other parts of your business while your website is making you money and saving you time.

On Brand Design

I will use your own brand colours, logos, fonts and images making sure we keep everything consistent and showcase all the visual elements of your business.

Help Videos

When the project is complete I will record help videos for you. These will show you how to use your site.


After the website is launched we can put a maintenance contract in place .This will include necessary updates, security and any enhancements you may require. 



Lets chat! We can set up a discovery call or chat via email what ever suits you. It is important that we take this opportunity to see if we will work well together. We will also discuss your ideas, aims, pain points and the goals you want to achieve with your website.



After our introduction chat I will then take some time to look at all the information I gathered and put together a detailed proposal for you. Once you are happy with the proposal together we will plan our next steps.


Design + Build Site

I will get to work creating your custom website or working on all things maintenance. We will keep in contact throughout this stage so you will be updated constantly on the progress.


Implementation + Site launch

AKA, the super exciting part! During the website development process, I am continuously confirming that your website is optimised for mobile, and tablet, and is responsive. After testing all buttons and functionality, it is time to prepare for launch!


If my packages caught your eye, let me know! Get in touch and book a project with me